Looking to simplify your checkout process? Building a quick list in your Codex account is a quick way of ensuring the items that you frequently order are easily accessible every time you shop. 

STEP 1: Select the Quick Lists category in main navigation and choose 'New List' from dropdown.

STEP 2: Name your list something that will be easy to remember

STEP 3: Select whether you would like this to be visible to just yourself or the rest of your company.

STEP 4: When you have named your list, click the 'Create List' button

STEP 5: Your quick list has now been created. Please press 'Okay'. 

STEP 6: As you shop, you can now add items to your quick list directly from the product page, by choosing the 'Add to quicklist' option.

STEP 7: Select the list that you just created and press the 'Save to Quick List' button.