Do you have more than one Codex account? Switching between the two looks a little differently than it did on our past webstore. 

STEP 1Sign into the webstore the temporary login credentials you have been supplied with. Make sure to select the 'Remember Me' box to speed up the login process for future visits.

STEP 2: Once you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted for your username/account code for the associated account you would like to access (eg. TEST1) via a two-step login. You will have received the usernames from our online support team, however, if you are not sure what your account usernames are, you can contact the team at

STEP 3: When you are logging into your Codex account for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. We recommend that you keep the password the same for all Codex accounts, to simplify the login process moving forward.

STEP 4: To log into another account that you have access to, you will need to first logout of the account you are in. To do this, select the 'My Profile' option in the main navigation. From the black dashboard, choose 'Logout'

STEP 4: Once logged out, you will need to start the process again and login again with your username and password. 

STEP 4: Upon successfully logging in, you will be prompted for your username/account code for the other account you would like to access (eg. TEST2). Once you have entered this, click 'Login'. Once you have supplied this, you will be successfully logged into that account and can order as usual.

If you happen to already be logged in and want to see which account you are in, you can select 'My Profile' from the main navigation and from the black dashboard, choose 'Dashboard'.

Your Codex dashboard will provide you with the necessary account details.